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Hope School Uganda

Hope School Uganda
Welcome to Hope School Uganda!

The images below show some of the local children waiting to study at Hope School Uganda.

The Vision of Hope School Uganda is to empower children and communities through education and skill building underpinned by a healthy enviroment.  This vision was pioneered by Hope School Uganda charity director William Kasaija while visiting his home village in Fortportal in 2010. He was approached by the local people who expressed a need of a school as many of the local children had to travel  long distances to have a chance of attending school. So a vision to build a school that would benefit the local children and  community through both education and skills training was started.


To make this Vision a reality Hope School Uganda has recently purchased 10 Acres of Land in Fort Portal, Uganda (Located 280 Km from the Capital, Kampala) and  set in a very beautiful landscape of the Rwenzori mountain ranges. 

Education and school construction approval has been granted by the Ugandan government to build a standard school facility.

Hope school will also include a Health Clinic, Teachers Accomodation, Recreational / Sports facilities, a number of Children Accommodation facilities.

In order to make Hope School a reality we need you to be a part of this amazing vision! Please have a look through our site to find out the different ways in which you can be involved. 

Hope School Uganda: The Vision.